Flight Of The Bumblebee

March 23, 2012 § 11 Comments

Poor Teddy. Teddy was munchkin’s birthday present. And, boy, did Lil’ Miss Maple love him… to death. Who knew that Maple’s lovebites could have caused Teddy to sprout cotton batting out from his nose. We certainly couldn’t let Maple continue on with this dangerous love affair, for fear of her swallowing some of Teddy’s cotton innards.

We had to find a more durable partner for Miss Maple, one that would survive her playful antics. And we did. The KONG Wubba (S$12.50 @ Polypet) passed the test and has proven that it could live up to our rough-and-tough furball. What has made the Wubba even more endearing, in Maple’s eyes, is that it squeaks when its middle is squeezed. *squeak, squeak, SQUEAK*

Unfortunately, for a small dog like Maple, it takes quite a bit of force to make the Wubba squeak. She knows the Wubba can spout all kinds of funny noises, and it frustrates her to no end that she can’t make it ‘speak’ with her jaws alone. That’s when the thrashing begins!

Feisty Miss Maple has learnt that if she slams the Wubba hard enough against the floor, it may let out a squeak.

We’re so pleased with the results of the Wubba. Mind you, we often have to initiate the play by exciting Miss Maple with the Wubba, as she will seldom pick it up on her own. But, once we have her hooked, she’ll go at it until she tires herself out. Here she is after a play session… Zzzz…

And, to give you a better idea of how Miss Maple entertains herself with the Wubba, check out her performance in the “Flight of the Bumblebee”! Have a buzzing great weekend, everyone :D

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Miss Maple and the Jingle Bell

December 9, 2011 § 12 Comments

It’s that time of the year again when afternoon showers and cool breezy nights are as predictable as Miss Maple’s potty sessions! ‘Winter’ in Singapore is here and, along with it, the monsoon rains. On the positive side, the flowers are blooming voraciously and I couldn’t resist bringing home a bouquet of orchids to brighten up our sun-deprived apartment. 

Our little pipsqueak is suffering from cabin fever, as our entire household hunkers down indoors to stay dry from the thunder showers. So, how does one help a feisty pupster from going stir-crazy? This plastic ball with a bell inside was a steal for S$1 at our local pet store and has proven to be Maple’s all-star favourite toy!

The tinkerbell makes the sweetest rhapsody of noise when Maple plays with it. Truth be told, I fell asleep once to the tune of the bell and the pitter-patter of raindrops outside. But, when all becomes too quiet, well then, that is a sign of our munchkin doing the forbidden—chewing on the ‘jingle bell’, which we now call the new toy.

Yes, the Lil’ Miss is quite the chewer and the jingle bell has been dealt with several incisions already despite its relative newness. We have to keep a close eye on Miss Maple when she plays with the jingle bell to ensure that she doesn’t swallow any bits of plastic, and we always store away the jingle bell after each play session. 

Keeping the jingle bell out of Maple’s reach takes no effort at all… that is, if we can coax the naughty rascal into handing over her all-time favourite toy. The jingle bell has brought out the obsessive-possessive nature in our mild-mannered (so we thought) furball!

Curious to watch how the jingle bell has been keeping Miss Maple entertained during these ‘winter’ months? This video, which we have paired with, you guessed it, the ‘Jingle Bells’ song from Michael Buble’s Christmas CD, should give you a pretty good idea!

Have a great weekend, everyone—don’t forget your umbrellas.

Something New From Something Old

November 10, 2011 § 10 Comments

The KONG has grown on me and I think I’m starting to become a fan of this wobbly, cone-shaped, rubber toy for dogs. What I like about the KONG is its versatility—you can stuff your pupster’s food in it to make mealtime a little more challenging, fill it with yogurt and toss into the freezer for a delectable KONGsicle, hide some treats in it then place inside a long sock for your pooch to remove, or play fetch with it outdoors.

Recently, I discovered another way to adaptively re-use Maple’s KONG toy. I had a bundle of packing rope that I was about to store away when the idea came to mind: Why not braid the rope into a sturdy cord and stuff the knotted end into a KONG toy? This oh-so-simple D.I.Y project hardly requires an instruction manual!

Ta-da! Now Miss Maple has a ‘new’ toss/chew toy that looks strangely familiar yet has a hint of intrigue that an inquisitive pupster like her will find irresistible. 

“That looks like my KONG, but is it?”

Maple gingerly stepped forward to investigate her new toy then, without further hesitation, pounced on it. Grasping the cord between her paws like a little lioness who had forgotten her table manners, Maple was thrashing her head side-to-side and wrestling with her fictitious ‘prey’. From a distance, my camera went click-click-click-click-click at rapid speed but to no avail. This mini lightening bolt was just too fast to capture on film.
Alas, with all that energy spent, our model finally provided a quiet moment of stillness… just long enough for me to snap a photo! I think this new toy will entertain Miss Maple for quite some time to come and, when the fun eventually does expire, it’ll be time for us to find yet another new innovation for the KONG.

Disclaimer: HAPPY.BARK.DAYS is an independent entity and was not paid to write this review by any of the commercial enterprises mentioned in the article.

It’s The Return Of The Munchkin

July 28, 2011 § 24 Comments

This morning I woke up feeling a little dazed and confused. Where am I? Oh, that’s right, I’m back in balmy Singapore. And that can only mean one thing… heeeeere’s Maple!


I wish I could say that my return to Miss Maple was a tear-jerker worthy of being an epic drama on the Hallmark Channel, but the truth of the matter is that our mini-reunion lasted only 15 seconds (most of which was spent by Maple sniffing my airplane-numbed gluteus maximus). Shortly thereafter, it didn’t take long for us to settle back into our old, albeit comfortable, ways again. However, I have noticed one precarious change in Maple’s behaviour—her rebellious tendencies have vanished!

MM has become a suspect in choreographing this new transformation. I have a feeling their one-to-one/heart-to-heart bonding time was carried out very much in the fashion of a canine bootcamp drill. As a result of all those weeks of physical activity, Maple has not only become more mellow and attentive but it also seems that her puppy chubbiness has been replaced with a lean physique that would make any dogster (or human) jealous. Well, I guess I’ll be lacing up my runners, too, and joining Miss Maple and MM on their twice daily workouts!  

All of that exercise should help me to overcome any lingering symptoms of jetlag. And once I’ve bounced back from the post-vacation blues, it is high-time I try and get a few things in order.

First and foremost, I’ll be resurrecting Maple’s blog from under the dust. I’m sure the little pipsqueak appreciated my efforts to save Happy.Bark.Days with impromptu posts about my holiday, but I bet she’s looking forward to being the focus, once again, of her blog. Secondly, our furball has grown an immensely thick coat and is in dire need of some serious grooming. We are not about to repeat a lesson that we learnt five months ago, so we’ll soon be whipping out the clippers in our very first attempt to home-groom Miss Maple (*nervous chuckle*). Lastly, I sneaked a couple of toys into my luggage and cannot wait to surprise Maple on our next trip to the park—the lil’ miss will have a field day! 

Time sure has a way of flying by quickly and now there is so much catching up to do. In spite of it all, it does feel good to be back. And I think Miss Maple would agree :D

The Birthday Girl

May 28, 2011 § 59 Comments

Miss. Little Red Maple Leaf is officially 1 today! To mark this very special occasion, we made a customized birthday hat for the pipsqueak and surprised her with a decent-looking (i.e. newly purchased, not homemade from hand-me-downs and objects from the recycling bin…for a rewarding change!) stuffed toy that we hope Miss Maple will treasure.

The birthday hat awaits to be throned on the head of our tiny furball.

Teddy also sits, albeit nervously, exposing his vunerable limbs to an inevitable attack by little jaws of terror.

Here they are all together. Someone looks a little embarassed to be seen in her birthday hat which, admittedly, resembles a Dunce Cap… although, there were many times when a Dunce Cap would have been totally appropriate and justified!

But, today, Miss Maple can get away with any misdemeanor she fancies!

Including the less than lady-like attitude she’s showing the camera…

As well as the violent thrashing of poor Teddy, who is bound to lose several parts of his anatomy by the end of the day.

Much to the relief of Teddy, Momsy intervenes and swoops him into the safety of her hand!

At long last, after having gone through the obligatory initiation rites conducted by Miss Maple and her jaws of terror, Teddy is now a newly-minted member in Maple’s stockpile of toys. Welcome to the pack, Teddy!

It’s a nice feeling knowing that MM and I have survived the puppy days without losing all our hair, and that Maple has now blossomed into a fine little lady (well, for the most part, LOL). As much of a handful as she can be on some days, Miss Maple never fails to amuse us with her quirky sense of humour ;) 

Happy Birthday, Maple—may there be many more years of joy and laughter with you, little one!

* * * * *

Hey, guess what?! Maple isn’t the only one with a celebration this week. Maple would like to wish her pawpals a very special birthday as they, too, celebrate turning 1!


  • Wyatt the Lab, who turned 1 on May 26th.
  • Le Le the Beagle, who shares Maple’s same birthdate!
  • Muffin the Toy Poodle, who is eagerly anticipating his 1st birthday on June 1st.
  • Hugo the Toy Poodle, the youngest amongst these pups, who turns 1 on June 2nd.

Wishing you all a ‘happy barkday’ — have a pawtastic good time!

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Little Red Maple Leaf | SJ & MM

* * * * *

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